Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Blind Leading the Way

We all remember them - those white spring roller blinds of our childhoods. 

Tug the bottom, and they raced to the moon. The ones in my bedroom were so anxious to get to the window top, they often popped off the feeble hardware and crashed down on my head.

Ahh, the good ole days.

Are these really roller blinds?

Yes, and they work beautifully!

The  good news is that roller blinds have been re-designed in every way.  I recently worked with a client who thought she wanted woven wood shades.  But the more we explored her needs, the more apparent it became that roller blinds fit the bill.

Sun glare blockage for TV viewing?  Check

Looks just like a woven wood product?  Check

Opaque at night for privacy?

Minimalist look when rolled hidden beneath the Valance? 
Double Check!

Roller blinds are durable; the ones pictured here are made from wood fibers and polyester.  The colors and fabric choices are vast. 

The best part - THEY ROLL PERFECTLY!  You can even get them with memory roll so they ascend to the same height on the window each time.

I'm not missing the good ole days anymore.

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