Monday, May 11, 2009

Sale-ing is My Fav Sport

I have always been a bargain hunter.

It's an innate, primeval instinct: "Me woman, me hunt sale stuff."

My sister and I drove by a Lane Furniture store one day with a big sign in the window - "Going out of Business - 70% off everything!"
Screeech.......180 degree turn, brisk jog, burst into store.....and there it was....the coffee table I've been searching for.
Don't get me wrong. I have a coffee table in my living room. A friend was so sick of my never ending quest for the perfect piece that she convinced me to fork over $18 for a flea market relic with wobbly legs. That was three years ago.

The new table was waiting for me - round top, beautifully finished wood, elegantly scrolled wrought iron legs. And the price....drum roll please.........................$169.

Sold! Too bad that it weighed 200 pounds and my sis and I wrestled it like an alligator to get it home and into my house. We were mad women on a mission, laughing hysterically each time we nicked the wood in the hallway.

But I love it MORE because it was a steal and I had fun snagging it with my sis.

Even if it gave me a recurring backache.