Monday, May 11, 2009

Sale-ing is My Fav Sport

I have always been a bargain hunter.

It's an innate, primeval instinct: "Me woman, me hunt sale stuff."

My sister and I drove by a Lane Furniture store one day with a big sign in the window - "Going out of Business - 70% off everything!"
Screeech.......180 degree turn, brisk jog, burst into store.....and there it was....the coffee table I've been searching for.
Don't get me wrong. I have a coffee table in my living room. A friend was so sick of my never ending quest for the perfect piece that she convinced me to fork over $18 for a flea market relic with wobbly legs. That was three years ago.

The new table was waiting for me - round top, beautifully finished wood, elegantly scrolled wrought iron legs. And the price....drum roll please.........................$169.

Sold! Too bad that it weighed 200 pounds and my sis and I wrestled it like an alligator to get it home and into my house. We were mad women on a mission, laughing hysterically each time we nicked the wood in the hallway.

But I love it MORE because it was a steal and I had fun snagging it with my sis.

Even if it gave me a recurring backache.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going Green with Window Decor

Did you know that you can cut your energy bills by substancial amounts by installing the right window treatments?

Drapery panels are HOT right now as are Roman shades. These styles are a TRIPLE PLAY - first, they provide a room with a hip new look, second, panels and shades offer privacy when needed, and third, they provide energy savings if you make them correctly.
Our latest sewing pattern, GOING GREEN from Home Dec In A Sec for McCall's features panels and shades made with the secret ingredient for energy savings: a third, inside layer of innerlining that traps hot/cold air from entering the room. The directions are a breeze- the three layer panels all hang free which means less sewing!
Why settle for store bought panels when you can make your own luxurious styles which will save you money in the long run???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living Small, Living Large...

Everything in the media for the last 12 months has been BAD NEWS!!!

I like to look at what's happened in the world as a new opportunity to flourish.

A new chance to look at your life and find out what's really important.

You may just find that it's not the big things that make you happy, it's the little things.

Take coffee for example. I love coffee. I love its taste. I love the way the mug feels warm in my hand in the morning. And best of all, I love how it wakes me up.

It makes me happy.

I also have personally learned how having less makes you happy. I will share with you as the days unfold my personal story of how I sold my house and moved to much smaller, more humble quarters. My new house is cozy, warm and beautiful!

And I am happier for it. My family is happier, my outlook is brighter, and I have less to care for, and more time to do what I love....inspire others.

Mine is a true story of how LIVING SMALLER taught me about LIVING LARGER. Follow me as I share my unique path....

Sue Sampson, Founder of Home Dec In A Sec

Photo above: My new kitchen window - McCall's pattern #5701 link: